Simultaneous Translation Service

Simultaneous Translation is a service that allows attendees of a face-to-face or online event to communicate in different languages without interrupting the flow of the conference or speech in progress.

This service is carried out by a team of professionals known as interpreters, who work in a soundproof booth equipped with state-of-the-art technology. From there, the interpreters listen to the speaker’s speech through high-quality headphones and simultaneously translate his or her message into another language so that attendees can hear it in real-time.

How it works

Simultaneous Translation is essential for multilingual events such as conferences, business meetings, congresses, and international presentations. The effectiveness of simultaneous translation lies in the interpreter’s ability to translate the message in real-time without interrupting the communication between the speaker and the audience. Technological means also play a very important role since they allow a clear and interference-free sound to ensure listening and understanding of the speech, improving the overall event experience.

To make the most of simultaneous translation, Ditec provides high-quality audio equipment both inside and outside the booth so that attendees can listen to the simultaneous translation without interfering with other attendees and without missing any detail of the speech.

Servicio Traducción Simultánea

Here is some of the equipment that is essential to ensure effective communication at simultaneous translation events. Translation booths, interpreter desks, and translation receivers are some of the equipment that can be used to ensure an effective and seamless simultaneous translation experience.

Simultaneous Translation Booths

Simultaneous translation booths are soundproof booths (the latest European ISO 4043) where interpreters work to translate speeches in real-time. These booths are equipped with advanced technology, such as interpreter desks, headsets, and monitors in many cases.


Interpreter Desks

Bosch interpreter desks are consoles with built-in microphones, headphones, and a control panel that allow interpreters to adjust volume, pitch, and sound quality. Interpreters can control and monitor the sound flow from their desks and translate speech without interruptions and with excellent quality.

Signal Receivers

Simultaneous translation receivers are portable devices that are given to attendees so that they can listen to simultaneous translation in their native language. These devices are equipped with wireless headsets and can tune into different channels for different languages.

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