Audiovisual equipment

The different technologies we use for rentals

The DCNM iDesk interpreter desk from Bosch

The Bosch DCNM iDesk interpreter desk is a highly efficient and easy-to-use device that provides a more intuitive and efficient interpreting experience. With its high-resolution touch screen, intuitive user interface, and additional features, it is a must-have tool for any multilingual event.

Simultaneous Translation Service

Simultaneous Translation Services for face-to-face events.

Live Capturing for Events

Make your virtual and live events more accessible, inclusive, and multilingual to your audience. Provides them with accurate, AI-powered, and human enhanced live captioning and translated subtitles for events.

vMix ÔÇô Software for Video Communications

Videoconferencing and production software for events and live broadcasts, vMix.

Teams for Events

Teams is a unified communication and collaboration tool, where you can create a chat with different channels to organize teams and video meetings.

Simultaneous Interpretation Booths

We have the largest stock in Spain of booths approved by the EU and its latest standards (ISO 2016), as they are strictly used in high-level meetings.

Remote Simultaneous Interpretation (RSI)

Simultaneous interpretation service remotely, based on our professional translation software, for events with physically off-site interpreters and cost savings.

Simultaneous Interpretation HUB

HUB technically equipped to hold events and webinars with simultaneous translation, and to provide interpreters with a controlled space with the quality standards required by the EU.

Dicentis Wireless Microphones

Dicentis conference microphone system WITHOUT cable, impeccable set up. Designed for meetings or committees and to be synchronized with a robotic camera system.

Simultaneous Translation Receivers

We have the largest stock in Spain of infrared receivers for simultaneous translation with their headsets, mainly used in Events and Congresses. All of them Bosch brand.

LED Displays

We have a large stock of LED screens of different pitch, to perform a variety of screen sizes and resolutions, both for indoor and outdoor events.

Streaming and Videoconferencing Services

We have been experts in videoconferencing and streaming for more than 12 years, which is why we provide technical service for events with our certified technicians and the use of different platforms.

Zoom for Events

At Ditec we have multiple licenses with different capacities for meetings and webinars, and we provide the service for events with our certified technicians.

Aver 520 Camera

Aver 520 video conferencing system with robotic HD camera and table microphone, simpler for its easy plug and play use and ideal for meetings, events and fixed installations.

Aver SVC100 Camera

Aver SVC100 videoconferencing system with robotic HD camera and table microphone, ideal for videoconferencing meetings for events and fixed installations.

Dicentis wired microphones

Dicentis wired conference microphone system, designed for meetings and summits with simultaneous translation, and can be synchronized with a robotic camera system.

Avonic CM70 Robotic Camera

Avonic robotic camera, ideal for committee meetings as it can be synchronized with the table microphone system, perfect also for webinars and live streamings.

Recording Services

Professional video and slide recording service, designed for presentations, speeches or repetitive processes to be viewed multiple times.

Audioguides or Tourguides

Rental of wireless Audioguides or Tourguides for guided tours such as factories, museums and exhibitions or conferences of short duration, where the interpreter accompanies the group of people.

Interactive Polling

Interactive voting solutions based on remotes or via mobile, developed to meet the new challenges of today’s communication.


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