Wireless Conference Microphone Rental

Ditec Comunicaciones is currently the Audiovisual company in Spain that has the largest stock of this conference system for rent that allows high-level conferences without the use of cables.

We have extensive experience in events such as meetings, commissions, and parliaments of both National and International Institutions where the rental of a first-class service with highly advanced professional solutions is required, such as the Dicentis Wireless.

DICENTIS Wireless Conference Microphone Rental

These types of solutions are rented for both institutional and non-institutional meetings, such as company meetings, management committees, or talks, due to their excellent functionality and versatility, apart from their design. Since they work without any wiring, their installation is simple and comfortable. Still, you need qualified technicians who can remotely manage the associated software from a computer, tablet, or iPad.

Ditec currently has a rental stock of more than 500 pieces of equipment, as it is part of the Congress Rental Network, a worldwide network of audiovisual companies specializing in simultaneous translation equipment.

The main features of the wireless conference microphone system are:

  • Maximum versatility and security without audio interference: Its intelligent wireless control guarantees successful conferences without interference and any frequency problem. It has also been used in institutional acts with a 100% secure functionality.
  • True wireless connections: Allows you to connect directly to an access point, a laptop or tablet, without needing additional equipment.
  • Device functionality: Having a touch screen allows you to add modules for other functionalities, such as voting as well as putting corporate logos or names on attendees.
  • OMNEO compatible: The wireless system can be expanded with DCN Multimedia systems or other OMNEO devices.
  • Different sizes of Reeds: A longer one that guarantees the speaker’s voice and a shorter one that seeks a cleaner and more aesthetic assembly.
  • It has DUO mode: This is so that two speakers can share the same DICENTIS to keep the table cleaner and more economical.
  • Built-in speakers: Another feature that customers may be interested in is that DICENTIS incorporates speakers, and therefore, depending on the meeting, a speaker system will not be needed.

The name of each person and the logo of their respective companies can be included through the DICENTIS screen, which is reflected the moment they speak.

This equipment is perfect for meetings that are held in spaces and hotels, where it becomes an ideal tool for temporary meeting rooms of different formats such as U-shaped, school, circular, square, etc.

The advantage of this type of solution is that it works without cables, with a 100% secure Wi-Fi system, which offers versatility, ease of use with an elegant design, and quick installation.


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