Live Online Events

At Ditec Comunicaciones, we are one of the few companies in Spain with real experience and Know How in video-conferencing and streaming solutions for live events. We provide services to companies working in the medical/hospital sector which need to teach attendees.

We know that it is very difficult to gather all the assistants and speakers due to the tight schedules, especially those of the doctors, so with this type of off-site solution it is possible to reach a large number of assistants without the need for mobility and adapting the schedule to the one that is most convenient for everyone, saving travel and hotel costs.

To do this we have several tools that we can combine between them, and that allow us the interactivity between speakers and attendees, we can integrate:

Chat Module

Users have access to different chat channels, both private and public.

Live Surveys

Launching live surveys to be answered instantly and visible to all users.

Live Voting

Launching live polls and make them automatically visible.

Live Q&A

Users can ask live questions to speakers written and replied instantly.

Raising Hand

Users can be promoted with the "raise your hand" button.

Simultaneous Translation

We can add different languages to streaming and video conferences.

User Registration

Users go through a previous page to register their contact details.

Pay per View

Users go through a pre-payment platform before live.

User authentication

Users have to log in with credentials to access live.

E-mail module

Users can send their questions anonymously to a mailbox of the organization.


Composition of video and presentation, and sings language.


Launching surveys or tests after a live broadcast to get feedback.