Medical Career

In 2016 the Ditec Medical division was created to digitise audio and video signals in operating theatres with optical fibre (with this technology it allows the emission of clear signals in high definition and without delay).
In 2018 the ORisTIC product was launched on the market and successfully implemented in reference hospitals throughout Spain, guaranteeing the essential requirements of daily operating room practice: precision, patient safety, surgeon ergonomics and operational efficiency.

Research fields

Ditec Medical focuses its efforts on improving communication and training tools in the healthcare sector, using the latest audio-visual technologies to provide better patient care.
Innovation in Biomedicine, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence will be the next challenges to which we will undoubtedly respond by covering a wide spectrum of new possibilities.

Value creation

In our test laboratory we apply the "design thinking" methodology to reproduce case studies from surgical environments.
We hybridise and personalise cutting-edge solutions on the market and merge it into an integrated solution.
We analyse the users' experience with specialists from the medical sector that allow a satisfactory implementation from start to finish.