We cover the following areas:

• Transport of medical cameras
• Portable intervention recording
• Streaming and portable video conferencing
• Telemedicine

A medical cart is much more than a portable workstation: it's the right choice that suits all your staff's uses, whether they work in a seated or standing position. Expand, dismantle or replace your accessories to ensure maximum performance. Solutions designed for intensive use and with shock protection elements to extend the life of the workstation.

Optimise the costs of duplicate medical equipment!


Medical cart

• Medical grade certificate
• Height-adjustable
• Batteries with more than 12h of uninterrupted autonomy
• Large flat surface to work on
• Tilt and turn monitor bracket
• Wheels with brakes and handles

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Accessories available:
medical grade keyboard and mouse, integrated pc, touch pc, medical tablet, medical monitors, double monitor, folder holder, basket, drawer unit, barcode reader, electrocardiogram arm, mini printer, camera, microphone, speakers, code/RFID medication dispenser, UPS
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