Professional recordings of training pills

At Ditec Comunicaciones we have a perfectly equipped recording set room focused for lectures and presentations.

Our solution is focused on the recording of presentations of training capsules for all those people who must be trained in courses and due to lack of time or mobility cannot do it, so they will have these presentations made by experts to give them an academic use as preparation for courses, trainings, evaluations, etc. online.

Of course, the recordings can be linked to existing platforms (such as Moodle) where users register with their credentials and videos are watched, and after it, can be combined with questionnaires for courses or exams.

Examples of training capsules made:

Our equipped room has a professional camera and a microphone with excellent pickup along with a computer for the speaker's Power Point presentations, and a 43" display screen. We capture and encapsulate all of this in real time, and the result is the recording of a video file (in the desired format such as mp4, avi, mov, real media player, etc.) that can be delivered to the same speaker or client on a pendrive or sent via Wetransfer, or uploaded to our or client's platform to be watched online afterwards.