In our opinion, live surgery is an educational tool to show an expert audience new techniques, surgical approaches, diagnostic procedures and tools, which are taken by doctors in an operating room and which are used by assistants to learn.

Our purpose is to ensure that the public watch what needs to be seen, with the highest quality possible and by establishing a fruitful communication between the doctor or surgeon who is operating and the public.

What do we do in an operating room?

Centralize Signals

Take, connect, centralize and visualize all the necessary medical imaging devices

Combine signals

Create different combined images ready to broadcast along with the doctors explanations

Add Presentations

Insert slides, graphics and statistics that can enrich the live broadcast

Multi-camera production

We can cover all aspects and stages of surgery with multiple extra cameras in the operating rooms

We connect spaces

We choose the most suitable method for the transmission of video and sound from the operating room to destination