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Ditec Comunicaciones is also an approved distributor of the Teams video platform to work collaboratively at the business level and offer the best videoconference-based Webinar solutions for Online Events.

Teams is a unified communication and collaboration tool where you can create a chat with different channels to organize teams, and it can be combined with a video meeting system or storage file. This platform stands out for its workspace concentration and having all Microsoft applications and functions at hand.


About the meetings function, not only do you have channels and possibilities to write private messages to communicate and organize, but it also offers a modern interface with the possibility of making meetings and video calls.

The user can join these meetings or video calls at any time in a session that has already started. With this, the participants feel closer, can share files securely in real time, and access them whenever they want, making it easier to work together.


Teams allows quick access to applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, allowing you to work and collaborate as a team in real time with shared documents, calendars, and files. In addition, it offers the possibility of managing teams of up to 500,000 users, and sharing the screen with other users when in a meeting.

Channels can be shared with other staff even outside the organization, and collaboration is very simple and intuitive. During video calls, you can blur the background or customize it, and even add guests to generate sporadic collaborations.

The conference mode in team meetings allows you to enjoy a more engaging experience, since the system automatically focuses on the face and body language, detecting non-verbal cues and making it easier to see who is speaking.


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