Rental of Streaming and Videoconference Services

At Ditec Comunicaciones, we have traditionally opted for the world of video communications since before 2010, such as video conferencing and streaming, which is why we are pioneers in both our own and existing solutions on the market, and we have internal knowledge of these technologies that reside in our engineers and technical team.

For this reason, we are one of the few companies in Spain that carry out multipoint events with solvency, given the complexity of controlling different geographically distributed points. These types of events are currently called hybrids.

Rental of videoconferences and multipoint videoconference for hybrid events

For this type of complex event, the following audiovisual material is normally needed:

  • A sound system with boxes and wireless microphones for the mobility of the speakers and possible questions from the public.
  • At least one projector to display the contents of the presentations and the other points of the videoconference.
  • A camera to be able to capture the speakers and the public in case there are questions so that the rest of the venues can see what is happening at the issuing venue.
  • Obviously, the videoconference equipment and a multipoint system.
  • For each of the offices, it is essential to have a dedicated line.
  • Line backup

It is essential to have a dedicated line only for video conferencing since we cannot risk other users using that line and causing distortions in the continuity of the Internet service.

The most important part is multipoint management, which is also the most complex. For this reason, we insist that you have to have a very well-planned rundown so that all venues have a script for when they have to participate. Otherwise, some venues would step on each other, and it becomes chaotic. That is why the presence of the moderator of the event is very important, since it is the one who follows the script and gives way to the rest of the venues for their participation. This order is vital for our technical team, since the control of the audios is their responsibility, and the management of the mutes is very important if the event is to take place with order and without constant self-runovers by the other venues.

Rental of rooms, sets, and videoconference equipment

Apart from the videoconference rooms that clients use for their convenience, we usually hold a large number of events from sets equipped with all audiovisual needs covered for perfect audio, video, and lighting capture.

Also during the year, we usually rent many videoconference equipment with a technician included, since not all audiovisual technicians have IT knowledge, so our technicians are trained and have extensive knowledge of networks precisely to solve problems with firewalls, proxies, fixed or dynamic IPs, ports, etc.


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