HD Live e-Medic

Our solution for recording presentations in video and slide format as well as streaming live in an easy and intuitive way. Store and publish videos for later distribution on demand.

Can be installed both inside and outside the operating room.


• Video + audio + content
• Vídeo + audio
• Audio + content
• Local or USB storage
• Streaming control and recording
• Sharing in the hospital network


Touch and intuitive interface so that any user can manage it in 2 steps.

Choose what type of display (layout) you want to show the content and source for the recording or broadcast.


• Ideal for training, webinars and e-learning

• Create, manage and distribute training videos

• Conducts post-viewing exams

Audio-visual Content Management (CMS)

Secure professional multimedia management and analysis platform for the healthcare sector

Quickly find, play, edit and share images and videos of surgical operations. Generate subtitles and transcripts with just 1 click. Accessible 24 hours a day from any device. Thanks to the artificial intelligence, it recognizes the figures and images that appear in each frame to feed the medical repository.


• Display and cataloguing
• DICOM compatibility
• Delivery to HIS/PACS
• Artificial Intelligence
• Content editing
• Automatic subtitles and transcriptions


Through a website, medical staff can view, edit and share content in different formats and qualities (including 4K) within the hospital network. No training is required.


Ideal for a medical repository and material for conferences and training. Can be integrated with the current infrastructure. Includes video editing tools and activity reports.