Fields of research: R&D

In 2009, we created our own R&D department to develop products and solutions intended for a digital environment. Year after year, we continue to invest in this area in order to provide unprecedented solutions to everyday problems, thus meeting the needs of people and society as a whole.


we apply and combine the latest technology to real-life cases.


driving new ideas based on user experiences


25 años de experiencia y exigencia

One step further

In our development laboratory, we apply the “design thinking” methodology to simulate case studies in real-world settings. We analyze user experiences with specialists in the sector to ensure satisfactory implementation from start to finish.

Proprietary developments


a proprietary integrated digital operation room solution designed to meet the audiovisual integration and communication needs of an operating room.

HD Live

Solution for recording and broadcasting presentations: in video and slide formats aside from livestreaming in an easy and intuitive way. Video storage.

Multimedia Medical Carts

a mobile, multipurpose solution. We tailor the product according to customer needs through a customized, scalable configuration.