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We rent Webinars and streamings for medical trainings or healthcare


At Ditec Comunicaciones we are one of the few companies in Spain with extensive experience in videoconferencing and streaming solutions that we use to serve companies that work for the healthcare or medical sector and need to train attendees.

In the world of pharma and healthcare, this type of solution is very useful, since it is very difficult, due to the schedule, to gather all the attendees and not to mention the speakers!

We all know how busy agendas are and especially those of doctors, so with this type of relocated solutions it is possible to reach a large number of attendees with a “single shot” without the need of mobility and adapting the schedule to whichever is more convenient for everyone (people can attend even from home) and above all save costs of travel and hotels.

One of the tools we use is the multipoint video conferencing system based on Cloud Blue Jeans.

Ditec is the official distributor in Spain in the sale of licenses (you can download a demo license on our website), but we also manage multipoint meetings with this tool for our clients.

Formerly we had a Polycom MCU (Multipoint Central Unit), but the high cost of hardware maintenance makes it unfeasible for companies to have this sort of equipment, at that time was worth more than € 90,000.

Blue Jeans is a simple but tremendously powerful tool – in our opinion, the best in the market  since it allows you to make multipoints of up to 25 people (expandable to 100) with which you can do trainings and meetings without needing the attendees physically moving, but rather from their offices they can be connected to the session easily from home and from any device, using also a videoconference hardware equipment of any brand, or from any Internet browser via WebRTC, tablets and Ipads, and mobile devices.




Blue Jeans is a virtual MCU platform that allows our technical managers to manage the multiple video calls that are running, so the client simply has to worry about their “event” and forget about the technical part.

In addition, the entry to the Blue Jeans session is as easy as clicking on a link corresponding to the session reserved by the administrator in the case of Browser, introducing the IP and the code in the case of video conferencing equipment and through the mobile app in the case of tablets or mobile phones.

It is also linked to the Outlook and Google calendar, which means that if you have been invited to a session will automatically book that appointment in the calendar with the corresponding entry link.


Webinars and streamings rental:

Rising the curl, a combination that only Ditec can do is link the videoconference with streaming. We have made countless times to combine video conferencing with streaming, and it occurs in cases where there are several speakers or relevant people who are making a multipoint.

Either a talk between 2 people or a debate between 3, 4, 5 or 10 people (remember that Blue Jeans allows up to 25 points in its basic license mode) that is then streamed to 50, 100 or 1,000 people if its needed.

These streaming assistants will only have access to the speakers in a unidirectional way.

If they also want to ask questions they will not be able to interact by video like those who are doing it by bidirectionally and where they see each other, but it can be enabled modules such as chat or email where attendees via streaming ask the questions and a moderator can choose the ones that are of most interest for the speakers to resolve.

This is just one of the things that can be done by videoconference and streaming, there are other  rental solutions depending on what you want to do and what audience to reach.

For hospital centers or Doctor’s Official Schools there is a streaming-based product that works autonomously and can be installed in a fixed way, it is called HD Live created by AIS Technology.



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