Surgical Retransmissions

Surgical Retransmissions in hospital

Surgical Retransmissions in Hospitals

In Ditec Communications we have a long trajectory of more than 25 years in the medical – hospital sector. We are a benchmark in the broadcasting of live surgical operations via broadband and satellite, complementing it with the rest of technical and audiovisual services.

In our understanding, live surgery is an educational tool to show an expert audience new techniques, surgical approaches, diagnostic procedures, tools, or decisions made by physicians in an operating room. Our purpose is to ensure that your audience sees what needs to be seen, with the highest possible quality and that a fruitful discussion can be established between the operating physician or surgeon and the audience or moderator.

Our Organization within an Operating Room:

Our specialist technical team carries out the relevant technical visits to analyse the spaces and to be able to locate the equipment, as well as to obtain the signals to take them to our system.



► We install multiple cameras in the operating rooms to cover all aspects and stages of the surgery to be performed. We have remote control cameras that allow us to “fly” over the operating field and capture high resolution images and close-ups of all steps.

► We also connect all relevant medical imaging devices, such as endoscopies, microscopes, route maps, hemodynamics, etc. and introduce them into our system.

► We transfer all the video signals to the live mixing console, which is installed in the vicinity of the operating room, where we mount with different PiP’s (images combined with each other to form a single video signal) and synchronized with the explanations and comments of doctors who are operating using wireless microphones.

We can insert slides of the patient’s history and graphs/statistics into the live broadcast. This whole package is the one we send to the other point, either by broadband, satellite or radio link.


How We Transmit Signals

We choose the most suitable method for the transmission of video and sound from the operating theatre to the venue of the congress or classroom, depending on distances and technical requirements.



► In transmissions where the distances are very large (between several cities or countries) we send the signals through satellite links.

► We also carry out radiofrequency or high-speed Wi-Fi transmission in cases where we do not have good satellite coverage.

► In many cases we opted for videoconferencing or IP transmission because the costs are drastically lowered.

► Our IT specialists are in charge of validating the different solutions and once the broadcasting system is established they are in charge of checking the shipments and maintaining stable communication.




Some live cases made by Ditec Comunicaciones

Live Surgical Broadcast for Congress

Neurosurgery course retransmission

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