Simultaneous translation equipment for rent

equipo de traducción simultánea

Simultaneous translation equipment for rent


In Ditec Comunicaciones we have been dedicated to the simultaneous translation sector for years and we are the company in Spain with more audiovisual equipment of this type.

Since our inception we have available the latest technology in simultaneous translation equipment for rent, from booths for interpreters, to conference microphones or receivers and headphones for attendees.

We have always wanted to work with Bosch the leading brand in the market, hence Ditec belongs to a World Organization leaders in simultaneous translation or SI (Simultaneous Interpretation) called Congress Rental Network (CRN) where we are the Spanish representative offering knowledge and translation equipment simultaneous.

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In the rent of equipment of simultaneous interpretation there are 3 blocks that configure a solution, and they are:

1) Catchment

2) Reception and translation

3) Issuance


The catchment is basically the conference  microphone used by the people who are speaking (also called delegates), whether it be a round table, a parliament, a U-shaped layout, a rectangular shape, or rows and columns.



Depending on how they are sitting, delegates will have a conference microphone for each one or they will share a microphone between two. At Ditec we have a wide range of digital and analogue conference microphones. Some of the equipment that we have rental are:



Delegate Unit CCS 800 with long neck and short neck Bosch

Delegate Unit  CCS 900 with long neck and short neck Bosch


Digitales DCN NG (New Generation):

Delegate Unit DCN NG with 2 outputs Bosch translation

President Unit  DCN NG and output Bosch translation


Wireless conference equipment DICENTIS:

-DICENTIS wireless delegates unit for two Bosch delegatess

Microphone DICENTIS connectable long neck Bosch

Microphone DICENTIS connectable short neck Bosch


Continuing with the line of the catchment  systems, the video also comes into play.

In Ditec we have  DOMO cameras, an IP cameras designed by Bosch that are located in the centerpieces or in the walls of a room and it  have the characteristic that they are synchronized with the microphones, so that if a delegate presses a button, the camera that has a 360º rotation looks for the delegate and frames it.

Several presets can be recorded. This system is used when the recordings of the sessions are needed and also when the interpreters and the respective translation booths do not fit in the space of the meeting (or because aesthetics do not want them to be in the same room), the video signal serves so that the translators located in another room visualize the delegates who are intervening and can more easily do their translation work.

We must remember that for translators it is very  important to see the lips of the people who intervene as well as their gestures.


Reception and translation:

At Ditec, we use Bosch Integrus infrared translation systems.

It is basically the system that receives an audio via delegate  microphone and transmits it to the translation booths where the interpreters are located. For this it is necessary:

Simultaneous translation  booths. Ditec has Audipack cabins, which comply with ISO standards (the current one is 4043) and it is the standard level that is required by the European Union and the International Association of Interpreters).

These booths have a very high thickness soundproofing level, so as not to interfere with the room, so both crystals, closures of the cabin, the wood which is built and the foam are of high quality. Currently they also have a ventilation system.



Interpreter desks, which are the equipment used by translators to receive the audio of the room and translate it into the preset language . This audio signal is addressed to the CCU (which is the control unit of all the audios) that is used to make it reach the infrared radiators located in the room.

The translator also has a tool in the interpreter desk called Relay, which is used in cases where there is a language from which it is difficult to find translators such as Chinese. Imagine that 4 languages ​​are needed, the Chinese (which is the language of the room, that is, the delegates), English, Spanish and German.

Currently there are not many Chinese translators to the rest of the languages, so the Relay serves so that the first translator will translate from Chinese to English and the rest of the translators will use the English translation to translate to the rest of the languages, thus doing English – Spanish and English – German.




Once the translated audio is available and sent it  to the CCU, it is responsible  for connecting to the infrared radiators. Radiators are devices that receive the audio signal that comes from the CCU via cable and emit it via infrared to minimize interference to the receivers.

The infrared receivers are units similar in shape and size of mobile phone used by all the people in a room who require simultaneous translation. Each receiver has several channels (there are 8, 16 and 32 channels) that are the translated audios, and that each person chooses the one that belongs to their language.



We currently have about 2,000 receivers to rent, all of them digital, although we also have analogue devices but they are really quite obsolete due to the issue of audio quality and to minimize interference, although sometimes with customers who do not have a large budget they usually choose it  for these more affordable options.



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