Remote Translation Solution

soluciones de interpretación remota

Remote Translation Solution for rental


It is a rental solution based on a cloud platform for Simultaneous Remote Interpretation at events similar to conferences or videoconferences.  Also called Online Translation.

Remote Interpretation takes advantage of the potential of technology to make Interpretation services more flexible and affordable, allowing interpreters to work not only from where the event is being held, but also to carry out the interpretation remotely.


Once the interpreter receives the necessary audio and video and performs the translation through the online platform can be distributed to attendees using infrared recivers for simultaneous translation devices or through a mobile application where delegates can connect to hear the interpreters in the available languages.

In addition, they can also connect from their laptops, tablets or other devices. In this way the audience can remotely participate in the conference or  event in question.







This solution provides many new Advantages to cover an event with Remote Interpretation:

 Offers to clients a fully integrated interpreting service to the event that is provided with technical support and all necessary material.

► When an event is held abroad, interpreters can work from our positions located in one of our regional offices without having to travel to the event site, reducing costs as we eliminate mobility costs.

 As traveling is not required, interpretation can be provided for those events where additional languages are required which are more complex to find out an interpreter.

► New opportunities are opening up to provide interpretation for smaller groups, workshops, seminars and conferences with 10 to 20 delegates, a segment that, until now, has not used interpretation services due to the high costs involved.

► Provide interpretation in places where there is no space for additional booths or in places that are difficult to access.




Using the remote APP in Congresses and Events:



► Through the mobile application the delegates listen to the remote interpretation.

► Through the event code, delegates can listen to the event session.

► Delegates can select their language.

► The application is available on iOS and Android free of charge.



► Interpreters will log into the Remote Intepretation platform on their device to access the application.

► The audio and video will be transmitted in HD through the event platform.

► The translation will be transmitted instantly to the event.

► Interpreters will be able to chat among themselves as well as the technical team for any incident through the integrated chat function.





Our first Remote Interpretation event

Interpretation in 2 languages French and Spanish.

Three different locations: Perpignan, Balearic Islands and Barcelona.

The interpreters accessed the remote interpretation platform from their Computers and Interpretation Booths.

About 20 participants per venue.

Integration of additional equipment such as a Multipoint Videoconferencing system and other equipment such as Audio and Video.



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