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Rental and creation of Micro Mapping


What is Micro Mapping?

Is to project or display an animation or images on real surfaces with volume but smaller size to achieve an artistic effect and out of the ordinary. The most common mapping is the one we see on large buildings, monuments or other surfaces with volume that are usually accompanied by music and effects to make a show, event or act.

Micromapping or micro-mapping is exactly the same, but applied to much smaller scale surfaces such as models.

Therefore you can map objects such as the entrance of a building, the sidewalk of the same and the steps that lead to that entrance.

When making a projection on a smaller scale, we do not seek the same artistic objective, but we seek geometric improvements by adding very small objects such as furniture and elements of the city such as streetlights, benches, green trees, hedges, etc. In short we look for detail, simulation and perfection of the model based on lights and projections.


Here are several examples of Micromapping performed:



Most micromapeos are not concerned with such fine details, but with larger-scale objects such as roads or walls, so some advantages of micromapping are allowing advanced and detailed navigation, especially navigation for mobility and vision problems.

Following a scheme in the model to look at some key points and follow a route along it.




Here are two other examples of Micromapping in a single video:

Micromapping  Stadium. Arnaud Pottier,  Micromapping  Museum. 

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