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Discover the Huddle Room's with its amazing features

Depending on the type of company, and its facilities, there will be more or less space to install a meeting room.

There are different meeting rooms that can be of any size. There are large rooms for more than 14 people, medium ones for groups of between 6 and 14 people. And finally those rooms known as Huddle Rooms, smaller for smaller groups.

The Huddle Room is the model of smaller rooms with dimensions between 4 and 6 m² being suitable for about 2-4 people.

The solutions equipped in these rooms to achieve a meeting with maximum efficiency and meet the objectives, will have different characteristics and adapted to the size.

These rooms facilitate communication, both at a distance and within the company itself. The objective is to reduce the number of meetings and the duration of these, being able to make that they are celebrated of sporadic way and the assistants can sit comfortably to debate or to plan any important topic for their organization.



In these rooms are allowed fast meetings and small meetings, however, consist of infrastructure to support and be able to make communication and exchange of information at a distance; these rooms incorporate equipment capable of supporting videoconferences and video calls.

The equipment found in these rooms are smaller in size and with features and functions adapted to the Huddle Rooms.

For example, as far as the camera and video system is concerned, the cameras in these rooms will have a different angulation, in order to be able to offer a more panoramic image and to be able to make all the participants appear in the scene.

The same happens with the microphones, these will have characteristics adapted for these so small rooms, being able to capture the voice of all the members avoiding background sounds that can become annoying to be able to retransmit it to the perfection of the audio.



Discover the benefits of a Huddle Room:


Having a Huddle Room in your company can reduce costs at the time of building and remodeling the office, since larger and closed rooms generate higher operating costs.

They also improve the results of a meeting because participants know that because of the type of room, the meeting will not be long or extensive and will go directly to solve the main points.

Gathered people will not waste much time talking about other things or taking these meetings calmly, which will make having a Huddle optimal in both the time and effectiveness of the Meeting.

In meetings organized in larger rooms, therefore with more participants, not everyone is attentive and simply limited to listen or not to collaborate, after all that is the goal of any meeting, Collaborate.

Therefore in a Huddle with many fewer participants, will make them more attentive and collaborative at the same time, since there are fewer present, they will feel more comfortable and participatory.

The Huddles usually have very different and advanced technology, many wireless equipment and via Wifi. Aesthetically this type of room looks cleaner and more organized.

This will be something that attracts the attention of the collaborators.

To be able to use this more advanced technology than in other rooms could not and the comfort of working in such a clean space and even could be said to be aesthetically futuristic thanks to the technology and its design, will be very comfortable and disturbing for participants making them work and collaborate with much more momentum.



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