Dicentis DCNM DE Bosch

Sistema de conferencia Bosch

Dicentis conference system from Bosch.

In Ditec Communications we are experts in conference systems; that is why we are expanding our stock of rent equipment with features that adapt to the qualities that our customers seek.

That’s why we’re presenting the DCNM-DE Dicentis a new conference system  from Bosch.

The DCNM-DE incorporates new technologies that allow this system to be extremely scalable, such as a connection of up to 40 devices in the same system or two 20-microphone systems.

Something that stands out and is one of the most notable features of the DCNM-DE is that it incorporates a 4.3-inch touch screen, allowing participants to tell who is currently speaking and identifying him.

Delegates are also shown on the request list, who will speak next.

These rental equipment incorporates software with which the DCNM-DE can be updated completely autonomously.

With this software you can configure the devices of only one participant or only one “chairman”, i.e. if there is a chairman/moderator in the meeting or conference, he can configure his microphone to perform more advanced functions.

If an adjustment is made to this software, it allows two participants to share a single unit and listen to the session in two different languages, as there are two minijack inputs, one on each side of the microphone.

If you want to vote, you can cast separate votes from the same device.

Translations and all available voting information can be displayed on the touch screen.



As mentioned earlier, there are audio inputs on each side of the DCMN-DE, which can be connected to headphones to receive clearer audio and be able to hear the speaker clearly even when there is background noise. It offers a clear and clear sound thanks to a very high signal / noise ratio, ensuring the best intelligibility of the speaker.

In order to have the feeling of being face-to-face with the other participants of the conference, there is the option that the microphone and audio are synchronized, i.e. activated at the same time to offer the best experience. In order to prevent acoustic coupling, it incorporates a feedback suppressor integrated into the DCNM-DE system.


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