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New Tesira TCM ceiling microphones for rent

All business sectors are becoming more collaborative allowing meeting rooms have more and better technologies to give rise to this collaboration in the form of videoconference.

In a videoconference is important for all attendees who can hear and see clearly.

That’s why we’re going to talk about the Ceiling Microphones provided by Biamp, the Tesira TCM designed for optimal experience in applications such as Conferences and Meetings.

Biamp is a company that is in the Audiovisual sector, they are great Audio professionals with more than 40 years of experience and dedication to achieve the best quality both in conferences and videoconferences and in meetings or congresses.

The new Tesira TCM for rent have a special feature: They are suspended from the ceiling.

This allows attendees to have more tidy and ample space on the table while remaining cable-free as the microphones are hung from the ceiling. The user can easily adjust the height of all models.

With the new technologies of microphone and amplification an increase of productivity is facilitated with its design able to reduce programming time of the integrated ones at the same time that they provide an exquisite quality of audio.

Concretely there are 3 models for rent:


The Tesira TCM-1 is an AVB ceiling microphone consisting of a pendant microphone and a plenum box. It comes with its own digital processing signal for Beamtracking, and each connection plenum includes an additional RJ-45 connector for daisy chain connections.

This model includes:
– Easy installation process with a single cable.
– Additional RJ-45 for daisy chain connection to a
TCM-1EX Microphone .

The TCM-1A is an AVB ceiling microphone and PoE+ amplifier consisting of a pendant microphone and a plenum box with its own digital processing signal for Beamtracking.  The 2-channel PoE+ amplifier includes an internal limiter, selectable power and a burst mode to handle peak signals.

This model includes:
Two channels; 4W continuous per channel.
Burst mode to handle load peaks.
Power selectable by software depending on the number of channels.
Additional RJ-45 for daisy chain connection to a TCM-1EX microphone.

The Tesira TCM-1EX is an AVB expansion ceiling microphone designed to be used as a second and third microphone in conjunction with a TCM-1 or TCM-1A. It cannot operate as a stand-alone device.

This model:

Must be used with a Tesira TCM-1 or TCM-1A microphone

Each microphone is divided into three 120° zones, providing 360° total omnidirectional coverage.

All microphones feature Beamtrecking technology, which allows the sound source to be identified and even blocked when the speaking voice is in motion.

Its pick-up pattern is high, which means that it does not need to be attached to the microphone for listeners to be able to distinguish their voice.

You can move freely around the room and you will hear the voice very clearly as these microphones locate it and are also able to mix conversations intelligently.

The Tesira TCM are a scalable equipment, they can be connected online, but only a maximum of 3 Teams.

In this way it is possible to house all the complete sound of the meeting room.

The online connection is simple and each model includes the necessary cable to make it.



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