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IDEAL space
Immersive Projects

Ditec has made an installation in a unique space with a 1000m2 screen and 360º projections, which will take you on an audiovisual journey through the masterpieces of impressionism. During the visit, you can also enjoy virtual reality experiences and the exclusive exhibition of an original work by Claude Monet.


Immersive experience in the IDEAL space

Last June, Ditec Communications carried out a complex immersive reality installation at Espai IDEAL (Carrer del Dr. Trueta, 196 Barcelona).
The difficult projection setup incorporates a total of 27 Epson laser projectors. Twelve of them in blending format project to each of the four side walls. The remaining fifteen projectors blended onto the entire floor.

Through a master player, each of the signals from the players that project the video is controlled and synchronized to the thousandth of a second and with total perfection. Likewise, there is a multi-screen system that allows for any need in specific events, thus taking advantage of the existing and equipped infrastructure, making the space a perfect set for live events.

As for the sound -this also a very important element in the room to make each of the visitors to be immersed in the experience- a distributed audio system incorporating a set of Subwoofer for the enhancement of bass frequencies was available. With advanced DSP digital processing, the sound of this room exceeds 5,000 Watts.

For the automated management of the room in terms of sound and video, there is an advanced control system that, in turn, also allows individual management of each piece of equipment, mainly the individualized management of the projectors.

The Espai IDEAL is already open to the public with its immersive experience of the work of Monet throughout the summer 

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