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DOW JONES Barcelona
Meeting and Council Rooms

At Ditec we present the remodeling project of the multipurpose rooms in DOW JONES offices in Barcelona. This project has been designed and executed with precision to provide a state-of-the-art audiovisual environment that allows for a collaborative and efficient work experience.


Audiovisual transformation DOW JONES Barcelona

State-of-the-art audiovisual infrastructure:

The two multi-purpose rooms are equipped with a comprehensive Extron control system, supported by customized programming accessible through the Extron TLP Pro 1025T panel. This implementation allows intuitive management of all audiovisual elements, adapting to the individual and combined needs of users.

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Superior sound quality:

Each room is equipped with a Shure MXA 920 ceiling microphone system, taking advantage of advanced beamforming technology for clear and accurate audio capture. JBL 18S-T ceiling speakers ensure even sound distribution, while the Extron DMP 128 PLUS C AT DSP enables precise digital audio management and tuning using DANTE technology.

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Unmatched videoconferencing experience:

To enhance remote communication, 3 Logitech Rally cameras have been installed which, together with the high quality microphones, enable seamless video conferencing through platforms such as Zoom Room and Google Meet. Logitech Tap and Logitech Google Meet Remote control panels facilitate the efficient management of these devices.

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Advanced USB and video signal management:

The integration of an Extron USB Extender Plus virtual matrix system enables the efficient management and combination of USB video and audio signals over the network. In addition, the Extron DTP Crosspoint 86 4K matrix ensures precise adjustment, scaling and routing of video signals, adapting perfectly to the needs of each room.

High definition display:

The main visualization system consists of two 86” Panasonic monitors with 4K technology, offering an immersive and high quality visual experience for presentations, conferences and collaborations.

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The refurbishment of the multi-purpose rooms at the DOW JONES Barcelona offices represents a prime example of how Ditec provides innovative, high-quality audiovisual solutions that significantly improve efficiency and collaboration in modern business environments.

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