In-person Events

UOC - Universitat Oberta Catalunya
In-person Events

On 14th December, the traditional annual Chocolatada took place in the Campus UOC outdoor patio to celebrate the start of the holidays.


Annual Chocolatada at the UOC Campus

Last December 14th, the UOC Campus patio was crowded during the traditional annual Chocolatada, an event where Ditec collaborated with the resounding success of this special celebration.

Outdoor sound system:

From speeches to ambient music, Ditec’s outdoor sound system created a festive atmosphere that enveloped everyone present.

Event recording:

Our professional recording team captured every significant moment of the event.

Live production:

Ditec took care of the live broadcast, allowing those who could not physically attend to still experience the magic of the event from the comfort of their homes. The state-of-the-art technology used was able to bring the event directly to the screens of the virtual spectators.

60″ and 80″ screens for video projection:

The 60″ and 80″ screens strategically placed in the courtyard ensured that everyone present could enjoy every detail of the projected videos. This arrangement ensured that highlights were appreciated by all attendees.

Technical service:

Our technical service team was on hand to ensure the flawless operation of all equipment. The comprehensive attention and support provided contributed to the smooth running of the event.

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