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In Ditec Comunicaciones, we have been working for more than 12 years with videoconferencing and streaming solutions, now named virtual or online events. We use all this extensive experience to serve both private companies (especially in the Healthcare sector) and entities such as Institutions and Hospitals that need to carry on meetings, trainings for the attendees, debates, or product presentations.

In the case of the medical and healthcare world, this type of solutions are very useful, since it is very difficult due to scheduling issues to gather all attendees in the same venue or room, not to mention the availability of medical speakers. The agendas are always very full, especially the ones of doctors. In the case of companies or institutions, we help them to get their message to a wider audience, combining value-added solutions such as surveys, user registrations or simultaneous translation among many others.

This type of delocalized events allows to reach a large number of attendees in one go, without the need of mobility and adapting the schedule to the most convenient for everyone, and above all save travel and hotel costs.

One of the tools we use the most are cloud-based multipoint videoconferencing systems, such as Microsoft Teams or Zoom, where we create virtual rooms and broadcasts having full control of these, as if it were a live face-to-face event, so that the client can focus on the organizational and content part and not worry about the technical part.

In Ditec we have a brand specialized in virtual solutions and other IT solutions, called Ditec Technology.

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