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We are 25 years old! – 2021

We are celebrating!

We have been designing and developing audiovisual solutions in different sectors for 25 years.

During our trajectory in the sector, technologies have been changing, making us participants in this evolution as well, not only as a company, but also as people. Our goal has always been to be a benchmark in the market with good practices and always offer the best solution to our customers according to their needs.

Let’s review!

Evolucion Ditec 

Ditec Comunicaciones was born in 1996 with 3 people, our General Manager José María Grau, our Operations Manager Juan Carlos Grau and Carmen Cabezali for the administration and finance area, a family business indeed!

In 1998, Ditec began its diversification, with the service and rental of audiovisual equipment for all kinds of events, since in the beginning it was only focused on AV projects and installations.

In 2010 a new addition joins the Ditec group under the AIS brand, experts in medical transmissions and simultaneous translation based in Madrid.

En 2013, Ditec joins the Congres Rental Network, a worldwide network of audiovisual experts, as the only representative in Spain, as a specialist member in conference and simultaneous interpretation solutions.

En 2014, Ditec is expanding exponentially thanks to its clearly differentiated Services and Solutions divisions.

En 2016, Ditec rebranded, creating a new company concept, adding new areas of specialisation in the sector and providing more specific solutions, such as Videocommunications and Medical. These four divisions have been maintained to this day.

Desde el 2018 Ditec joins another global alliance, the PSNI, made up of a selection of the world’s best integrators.



Iremos actualizando más información acerca de nuestro 25º aniversario, ¡Así que no os olvidéis de en seguirnos en nuestras redes sociales!


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