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DITEC Joins as New Member – PSNI Global Alliance

DITEC is the new member of the PSNI Global Alliance, a worldwide network of leading AV & IT system integrators, manufacturers, distributors and service providers.


Ditec will cover Spain for the Professional Systems Network International Global Alliance Global Alliance with offices in Madrid and Barcelona.  As John Fuchs Director of International Development said:

«Ditec Comunicaciones partnership with PSNI’s Global Alliance will be a huge advantage to our entire network. Bringing different best-in-class organizations from around the world together to understand international business practices, local technology trends, and understanding market changes and developments makes us stronger and more connected.”

Marc Torné, Sales Director of Ditec Comunicaciones said:

«We are honored to become an active member of this great alliance”. He added, “Sharing knowledge throughout the network, following high industry standards and leveraging the strength of the entire group of partners within the PSNI means we can deliver exceptional customer experience worldwide, eliminating both project risk and geographical barriers.»

Each PSNI member is carefully selected and peer-reviewed annually to ensure commitment to the organization’s values which centers around the network’s common purpose to ensure the highest standards, best practices and integrity of the industry are delivered.

«Membership is not taken lightly,” explained  Chris Miller, PSNI’s Executive Director. “It needs to be a fit for them, a fit for our entire 40+ member alliance and ultimately comes down to a commitment to best-in-class service, support and ability. We believe Ditec Comunicaciones and their proven commitment to excellence, creative solution offerings and knowledge will be an asset to our Global Alliance. «

Would you like to know more about DITEC PSNI membership and how we can help you on your international projects?

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PSNI at glance:

PSNI Global Alliance


PSNI Affiliate integrators provide single-source national coordination, deployment and project management for your project, as well as embedded personnel, crisis and preventative services.



United under the PSNI umbrella, integrators function as one to provide seamless solutions across markets and geographies.



Adherence to our standards ensures the overall quality of PSNI Affiliates’ work and establishes consistency from design to programming and integration.